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British Water Ski and Wakeboard


Plus BWSW membership fee: http://www.bwsw.org.uk/membership/membership-fees/

Plus optional ICC certification: http://www.bwsw.org.uk/coaching-and-qualifications/driving/international-certificate-of-competence-icc/  

At Sea N Shore, we’ve always been keen to push the  ski boat driving qualification.  The Old SBDA has now been replaced with a new structure created by British Water Ski -

SBD2.  This course can also include your ICC (international certificate of competence).  The MCA recognize the SBD2 as the equivalent of the RYA level 2.

The Courses are 10-5. Don’t forget to your bring wet weather gear.  A skier will be required….it’s free skiing so why not!!!

You will need to join the BWSW but thankfully you receive x4 glossy magazines throughout the year.  Even better than that when you pass your exam you receive a discount on your boat insurance. 

British Water Ski & Wakeboard aims to improve the standard of ski boat driving in the absence of any legislation or licencing system in the UK.  In many parts of Europe a licence is mandatory but not in the UK.  The SBD2 is now recognised as the benchmark standard of driving skills at clubs throughout the UK and is supported by a network of over 100 test centres.

Why should I qualify if it is not necessary in the UK?
Our awards are formal proof of your boat handling experience and skills.
If you take our SBD2 we are able to issue you with the mandatory European counterpart – the ICC or International Certificate of Competence.
The majority of clubs in the UK require our SBD2 for you to drive on their water.
If you wish to take a British Water Ski & Wakeboard Instructor qualification holding the SBD2 is a minimum requirement before you take a course.
As an SBD2 holder you automatically receive a discount on our Approved Boat Insurance Scheme operated by RA Carter Ltd.

What do I need to know to take the test?
First of all you must be a member of British Water Ski & Wakeboard.
You must also be at least 16 years of age at the time of taking the test.
You must have read and be familiar with the content of our SBD2 manual.

Our manual contains all the information required for the written test and includes a comprehensive full colour guide to flags and other signage.  It is available as a free download on our web site in the resources section for members.

What do I need to do in the test and how long does it take?

Practical Test
Complete a 10 minute driving test.
Demonstrate to the examiner basic boat handling skills and simple manoeuvres.

Written Test – Coastal Waters (mandatory)
Complete a multiple choice question paper of 22 questions (approx. 30 minutes).
Correctly answer a minimum of 18 questions correctly.

Written Test – Inland Waters
Complete a multiple choice question paper of 14 questions (approx. 20 minutes).
Correctly answer a minimum of 11 questions correctly.

How do I maintain my qualification?
You must remain a British Water Ski & Wakeboard member.
You must renew your ICC every 5 years for the licence to be valid.

How long does it take until I receive my licence?
Generally licences are processed on the day they are received but allow 2 to 3 days for processing during peak times.
You must be a member for your licence to be issued – if your club has not renewed your membership or if you have not submitted a membership this will cause a delay.


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